Customized Experiences Designed to Meet Your Audience's Needs

Out-of-the-box solutions don't lead to change that sticks, and neither do one-size-fits-all trainings or presentations. Erica draws upon her specialized skill sets to create thought-provoking and action-oriented experiences to meet your audience's unique interests and needs. Her grounded, inspiring live trainings are interactive and packed with insights, tools and techniques that have attendees walking out saying, “I know what I’m going to do next!”

Most Frequently Requested Topics:

  • Developing Leaders & Creating a Culture of Learning...Two Core Organizational Issues, One Key Solution! 
  • Maximizing Your Impact as an Influential Leader
  • Strategies for Increased Employee Engagement
  • To Change or Not to Change? That is the Question
  • Navigating Change When It's Not Your Choice
  • Create a Culture of Positive Communication
  • Reframe Complaints as Solutions & Possibilities
  • Has Crisis Become Your Culture? 
  • Catapult Your Biggest Mistakes Toward Your Greatest Successes

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