See what people are saying about how Erica has helped maximize their organization's impact. 

I brought Erica on in a time of growth for my business. I utilize her when I need to have tough conversations with my employees and independent contractors. Her expertise has helped me grow as a leader and create a team that is positive, focused, and cohesive.
— Liz Lutz, CEO, Transform, LLC
Erica brings a unique and infectious energy to any room she appears in. She carries with her a real-world perspective and an understanding of what really makes organizations work.
— Brian K. Oglesby, Principle, SPiRgroup, LLC
Erica is an energetic speaker who makes you feel like she is directly talking to you. She connects with the audience and inspires each person while she works her magic on stage. She has an amazing, approachable presence and is someone you would love to have speak at your event to motivate the audience!
— Majet Reyes, Owner, DivaGirl Philly, Conference Host
Erica is a deep listener who absorbs what others report and crtically anaylzes complicated information into root causes. She is a systems thinker who navigates within volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments by changing her mindset and applying new methods and tools for problem solving. She remains a top choice when seeking change management facilitators.
— Larry M. Starr, Executive Director, Institute of Systems Wisdom
Bright, engaged and collaborative are the adjectives that best describe Erica. She throws herself into each engagement with passion and brings the best out of the group. I highly recommend her for facilitation and collaborative workshops to help get your organization performing at its best.
— Dan Baker, Executive Director, Customer Experience Product Management, Comcast
Erica’s “Create a Culture of Leadership” conference exceeded my expectations! In a very short amount of time she was able to create a warm, inviting and energized environment that cultivated analytical thinking while creating a foundation of trust and support.
— Dan Steinhaus, Regional Agency Manager, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company
Erica’s expert communication and facilitation skills equipped me to successfully lead our strategic planning process. Key stakeholders and our Board remained engaged, and challenges that could have derailed the momentum instead informed new solutions.
— Kathleen Wheeler, President, Nonprofit
Erica brings a fresh approach to leadership and facilitation. After hearing her speak, I can say with confidence that Erica is the person you want in the room if your organization is navigating change or seeking to expand its impact.
— Jean Haynes, Career and Leadership Coach